Documentary of the journey to
Reviving the Mother Earth

Japanese film director Tetsu Shiratori's fourth documentary film 「蘇生」(SOSEI - Revival) revels the power of microorganisms who are the oldest living organisms known on earth.

The film takes a scientific journey to prove how beneficial microorganisms, especially Yeast, Lactic Bacteria and Photosynthetic Bacteria could help restore the environment and the whole ecosystem that have long been polluted by the human activities.
Radioactive contamination is not an exception.

Today, more than 120,000 residents are still taking shelter due to Fukushima nuclear accident in East Japan.
Not only that, mega-typhoons, floods, drought, heavy snowfalls... Natural disasters are increasing in numbers and their magnitudes are rising. Something is happening to the biosphere of the earth.

We have the responsibilities to the future of our children.

Will humans ever stop polluting the earth?
What are the necessary actions to take?

The film 「蘇生」 (Revival) casts a vital question that would determine the future path of humanity.
(Language: Japanese w/English Subtitles)